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July 7, 2011

How the Internet affects our brains

A collection of writings on information overload & addiction

How to survive the age of distraction
Article by Johann Harri

First published by the Independent newspaper, Johann discusses how books as a medium give us a unique break from the relentless bombardment of varying information provided by Internet-enabled devices.

There’s a reason why that word – “wired” – means both “connected to the internet” and “high, frantic, unable to concentrate”.

The big lie of always-on, multi-tasking culture
Article by Antony Mayfield

In this article Antony rounds up some insight from a BBC documentary and a McKinsey Quarterly article, as well as offering his own views.

Like Pavlov’s dog we’ve allowed our reward centres and anxieties to be tuned to make us jump at the sound of a smartphone vibrating. The smartest, highest trained people we can get to run our companies are reduced to nervous monkeys.

Your Cell Phone is Killing You

This infographic presents a variety of statistics that support the case that we are becoming increasingly addicted to cellphones and mobile devices.

The average person glances at their smartphone 150 times a day.

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